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General Adoption Questions

What are your primary reasons for wanting a dog?

Security Companionship For your kids Gift For Other Pet Other

Who will be the primary caretaker for the dog?

What would you do with your dog if you had to move?

What is the longest the dog would be left alone each day?

Where would the dog spend its days? (inside, outside, etc.)

Have you owned a dog? How long?

If this animal is not currently living with you what happened to it?

What animals do you currently have/live with? Please list below:

Type/Breed: Age: Spay/Neuter?: Length of time owned?
Type/Breed: Age: Spay/Neuter?: Length of time owned?
Type/Breed: Age: Spay/Neuter?: Length of time owned?

What do you like best about your previous or current dog(s)?

What has been the biggest challenge owning previous or current dog(s)?

Have you ever had to take a dog to a shelter?
If yes, why?

How often and in what manner do you plan to exercise your dog? (ex: dog parks, hiking trails, neighborhood walks, dog walker, etc.)

Do you plan to obedience train the dog?
If so, how?: Other:

Are you able to make the long-term commitment to care for your dog (up to 15 years)?

Which of the following reasons might prompt you to give up your dog? (check all that apply)

If a problem with the dog’s behavior arises would you be willing to seek help immediatelyfrom the rescue group and/or trainer we refer?

How did you find out about our Rescue/Adoption program?

Please describe your dream dog. Please include preferred sex, personality type, energy level, expectation
of his/her behavior, and anything else you think will help us match you with your dream dog.

I understand that All For Dogs Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit group. I understand an adoption
fee/donation is necessary to help offset costs incurred to rescue and care for each dog.
Because most animals cost us more than the minimal donation to care for,
we welcome you to make a larger donation if you are able.

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